Impressive Teak Decks in 3 Easy Steps

Teak has been used as a boat building material for over 2,000 years. Teak's high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain make it particularly suitable where weather resistance is desired.

Teak is also very flexible in the finishes that may be applied. Typically, one of three options is taken:
  1. No finish at all, in which case the wood will naturally weather to a silver-grey.
  2. Oiled with a finishing agent such as SEMCO. This results in a pleasant, somewhat bland finish.
  3. Varnished for a deep, glossy glow.

Most boat owners enjoy the rich honey colour of new teak and it's authentic feel underfoot.  Varnish is not an option.  SEMCO temporarily achieves good results with its chemical solvent base.  However, the finish rapidly becomes inconsistent and blotchy.

Two coats of SEMCO is suggested every 3 months.  But, avoid applying SEMCO too often as the finish can build up and mask the grain of the wood.  The chemicals should be stirred regularly and any drips on fibreglass or sealants need to be wiped away immediately to prevent damage.

The Nano-technology Alternative

Modern nano-technology (< 100nm = 1,000 times thinner than a human hair) protects individual fibres within teak with an extremely thin hydrophobic barrier.  On applying the water-based spray it dries and nanoscopic molecules re-assemble themselves into a grid around each fibre.   This happens on an unbelievably small scale resulting in changing the way water behaves.

FEND Instructions:

  1. Use Teak Minus & Teak Plus with Scotch Brite pads to clean teak to it's natural state.  This process takes away any silvering, contaminants and leaves teak raw and clean with that rich colour.
  2. Spray on FEND as per video below
  3. When required wash decks with gentle boat soap. If needed, or after 2-3 months reapply FEND to high traffic areas, around doorways etc.  FEND repels FEND, so it will only assemble where it does not already exist.  The second application consumes less product.

Depending on foot traffic flow and abrasion, repeat after 4 - 6 months.  This will keep silvering of the teak at bay.  Second and ongoing treatments require much less product and effort.  FEND repels FEND.

Like all trees, teak biodegrades.  Water accelerates this degradation most.  Followed by sun, dirt and wind.  When the teak is wet the fibres of the wood are softened and erode more easily.

FEND is not a 'waterproofing' spray.  It will not stop the teak from eventually getting wet during a heavy downpour, while out on rough seas, or during cleaning.  Teak absorbs moisture like all wood.  However, FEND does provide excellent protection against stains, growth and damage caused by water.  

More water is needed to get the teak wet and it dries dramatically quicker with FEND.  Therefore 'Time of Wetness' (TOW) long term is reduced massively.  

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